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Eduardo Morillo is an audio producer based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He is currently working as a freelance composer and sound designer for Video Games, TV and Films achieving great results and professional growth.

Eduardo has always seen the music as a powerful instrument and way of storytelling. Each part of any of his compositions mean something within the project transmitting the emotions and feelings that will make you feel more connected and deeply involved in every scene or situation happening in the screen. It is not just the music of the project, it is part of the project's essence and it is what makes it stand out among others.

On his career, he has been able to work with several styles and genres like Ethnic European, Asian and South American music, Rock, Metal, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Fusion, Trailer music, Electronic, Epic and Orchestral. This has given him many opportunities to develop and improve his craft.

His main vision is to work hand in hand with any producer, director, developer or dreamer who has an idea and is looking for the perfect sound for it. Always in close contact to get the most amazing result for any project.

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